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Lunar Shadows

...there is light in the shadows beyond the moon...

23 February 1979
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erm, this is the place where I'm supposed to be talking about li'l ole me. Problem is, there isn't much to tell, I'm a German girl, pretty obvious from the part where it says where I'm from regarding the country, I love creating fanarts (doing this for almost seven years and still learning new things every day), mostly from TV shows since I'm a huge TV junkie (but mostly shows that aren't running anymore, really miss the old times when they still had creative and original ideas for TV shows) and I used to write fanfics (*YAY* the muse is finally back and letting me write, six years AWOL have been quite enough). Also I'm a huge Star Trek fan and have the tattoos to prove that, so my love for that fandom really goes under my skin *gg*.
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