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01 April 2012 @ 02:48 pm
I've come to a decision, a final one. Since my last post I have been thinking and I have come to the decision that I will leave fandom for good. I had been retreating more and more anyways and this is just the next step. I am sorry about this since fandom has brought me much joy, love and allowed me the chance of meeting good friends.
You may or may not have noticed me posting on AO3 recently, but I've decided to put up all my fanfic from FF.net and the unposted ones up there as a farewell gift to the fandoms, the ones that got me started on writing, the ones that got me started again on writing and all the rest. It's been a great time and now it's time to say goodbye.

I have been severely feeling depressed since February for reasons that quite possibly have only been the last straw on a downward slope I've been on for quite a while, the last LJ post was a personal low for me and I've even thought of deleting everything, my pages and this LJ. I will leave everything as is, but I probably won't be posting anytime soon here. Feel free to de-friend me, I won't mind.
11 March 2012 @ 04:41 pm
Wanted to do art today but couldn't bring myself to open photoshop or instead start on my little puppets that I should've started on ages ago to be ready in time.
Sad thing is, I couldn't bring myself to care either.
Ever since my recent posting I've felt like on a downward spiral personally and something definitely has to change, nothing is fun anymore and cheering myself up gets harder and harder. I guess with this year I've reached the age where I should accept that things are as is and won't be getting any different, grow thicker skin and stop fucking take everything to heart. It's not gonna change either way.
Having said that (and hopefully realizing it soon as well), I'll be taking a leave of fandom (haven't been active in any of the fandoms that I used to love so much lately anyways, so no huge loss, eh?), concentrate on the one project that has been giving me joy and making me happy and that's it.
25 February 2012 @ 06:04 pm
I just saw two or three pictures from the shoot of the new Trek movie with Benedict Cumberbatch on them!!! *does happy dance* Cannot wait when it will be finished...
Oh magical date, why you still so far away :D
25 February 2012 @ 05:11 pm
thank you so much for the cute little virtual dragons enednoviel and kassidy62, they're both adorable. Thank you so much *hugs*

Speaking of gifts, my colleague at work always gives me the funniest gifts. Three years ago, I've gotten a t-shirt with a print of an old lady and a walker and the caption read "I'm 30, please help me to get over the street" and this year he gave me the Polk High football shirt from Al Bundy because the number on it says 33. Kinda would've preferred getting a deerstalker to decorate my bookshelf-skull with, since the rest of his gifts were decidedly Sherlock-heavy, but there's always hope for Christmas ;)
23 February 2012 @ 05:17 pm
For the first time in years I'm breaking tradition by not posting any artwork today.
Will go shopping instead, found lots of pretties on various etsy shops and today I'm having grabby hands :D
08 January 2012 @ 02:57 pm
Well, Happy New Year everyone!!! I know it's already a week old but I sincerely hope you've all had a better start into 2012 than I did (mine was pretty much piss-poor).
Right on time with the new year I could barely move because of the pain in my back and I was eating painkillers like candy for a few days. But the happy side of it is, I managed to avoid having to go to the hospital or need surgery on my back (yes it's an old thing my back problems but I am weary of somebody fiddling around the spine even if it could make it better). So apologies if I hadn't answered any mails or anything, right now I'm easing myself back into business being online again. Let's see what I've missed...
29 December 2011 @ 05:07 pm
I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas with their families and that you've gotten some nice Christmas gifts. Me, I got Sherlock Holmes books, more Sherlock Holmes books and look here...gift certificates for books (with which I will buy even more Sherlock Holmes books) ;) Result of all that: me = very happy girl
And I bought me a new coat today on sale. Not that I needed another coat but it looked so pretty and it was 70% off. So basically it was begging me to buy it ;)
I've actually planned to make an update for False Colors before the year ends but as it looks now this probably will be the first thing to do next year (I did neglect the whole updating thing rather badly and the BB artworks alone are 20 and I did notice some twinges in my back yesterday *sighs*)
I won't be making resolutions this year for the coming one, seeing how I didn't follow them this year and I'm quite sure next year won't change that. Oh, maybe one....watch more Sherlock Holmes....not that I need any prompting for that ;)
I've had the pleasure of illustrating a Psych story for a BigBang, this time the one at journeystory.
The brilliant story is called „Northern Exposures“ and was written by the wonderful tera_gram. The story can be found here ----->Northern Exposures

As always, clicking on the preview images makes artwork bigger ;)
note: The story contains a m/m relationship and one artwork in particular reflects that (nothing too graphic though).

screencaps: disparue.org, psych.rawr-caps.net, getty images
brushes/textures: Hybrid Genesis, my own
lyrics: #1 Please - Matthew Duffy, #2/3 Love Boat theme

cover art

click me ;)Collapse )

I hope you enjoy the artwork, comments are welcome
I've had a lot of fun illustrating my first real AU story, this time one of the stories for teh bigbang at bigbang_s_and_h.
This brilliant story is called „A gaslight friendship“ and was written by the talented dalegardener. I'm not sure when the date for it to go live is, but I will link to it. As for now, enjoy the artwork as a little preview for things to come.

As always, clicking on the preview images makes artwork bigger ;)

screencaps: my own, enednoviel, getty images
brushes/textures: Hybrid Genesis, my own, greyfin@DA

cover art

click me ;)Collapse )
26 December 2011 @ 11:54 am
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends and visitors.
I hope you all have a peaceful time with your families and that the upcomingh New Year will bring you health, joy and fulfillment of your dreams.